Youth Empowerment And Sustainable Development; Club and Networks in Rampur

Youth-EmpowermentYouth empowerment, Sustainable development, Climate change, Environmental friendly are some frequently using phrase/terms these days. If we searched these phrase/terms in the internet we can find many related issue and their terminological meaning. The alarming issue, climate change has hits most frequently and this gave rise to new phrase Environmental friendly. Defining future response we often say sustainable development, youth empowerment. For giving action on this matter different organization has given their effort nationally, internationally and globally. If we looked up the Nepal we can also find different  environmental motive organization and clubs. Recently I participated in Youth Eco Network (YEN) in the IAAS Rampur campus. With the main theme “empowering the youth greening the future” this network has just inaugurated and started giving green results.Wheel of change

eco-friendly-signAnother club, “youth for sustainable development” has also shows its motivational works doing the eco friendly job. In my previous post I already have written the job done by this club. This club is successful in educating more than 100 students in the campus premises about the frog extinction and their biological important.

We can find more than six Samaj (community grouping) in Rampur campus doing similar job .Different Samaj  has also given their presence in different eco friendly matter. Celebrating the earth day, environment day, water day and so on are some program organized by them.

Different groups of technical students (truly they are politically affected) has  been doing great job. Moreover they are sharing their technical knowledge and ideas

Youth are pillars of the nation and no one can deny it. Furthermore Youth are creative who can gives noble idea. So we  can say Empowering the youth also empower the nation.

Such kind of club ,network and grouping are helping in awareness program, doing interaction program, more over  they are providing platform for youth empowerment.hands

Personally I learned many things from such group. I feel pretty glad participating in different program conducted by them. Sometimes such group faced many internal clash, political affairs and some are likely to be dissolves. If they are able to minimize such affair then I am sure they will definitively give some positive outcomes in near future.


About Ramchandra

Hello! I am Ramchandra Acharya. I am veterinary student at institute of agriculture and animal science(IAAS) Rampur,chitwan. Currently i am the member of Nepal Veterinary Students Association. My favorite subject are immunology ,pharmacology,pathology. I also enjoy the clinical aspect of veterinary medicine and discussion of subject related matter with peers. Apart from this i love blogging ,making new friends and sharing knowledge.

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