“Environment: How do you define it?”

What is it?

Environment includes physical aspects like air, water, and soil as well as social and economic conditions under which we live. The environment surrounds all living beings including people. Mans ill health is always affected by the environmental factors such as air pollution, soil pollution ,poor sanitary conditions and biological factors like germs, insects, rodents and animals.Our_Enviro2

According to Webster dictionary Environment is defined as; the complex of physical, chemical, and biotic factors (as climate, soil, and living things) that act upon an organism or an ecological community and ultimately determine its form and survival

A healthy environment is required to obtain a good health. Quality of life can be maintained if we are healthy. Only the man is responsible to maintain the ecological balance. We should maintain the quality of various aspects of the environment such as air, water and land. If one of them is destroyed other is affected.

earthinitiativeThe environment consists of a great number of factors. It is plural and covers an infinitive number. It is anything which is on and around the earth. It includes biological, physical, social and cultural factors. Social and cultural factors are also part of the environment. This contains social, political, economic, scientific, technological and other related areas.

All living beings including human depend on environmental resources to get food and other material they need. They utilize the resources of the environment such as land, water and plant etc to fulfil their need. It is necessary to maintain quality of all environmental components to meet the need of the living beings continuously.

Environmental education develops knowledge, skill and attitude of individual for the conservation of various aspects of the environment. It guides us how to manage the environment properly and how to use environmental resources sustainable.

Environmental education develops concepts of wise use in individual, which helps in conservation of environment. Wise use is to ikaat34bkyvtj7xz.D.0.World-Environment-Day-Go-Green-Wallpapermanage environmental resources properly to ensure their sustainability on a sustainable basis. It teaches the individual how to protect the environmental components protection is to maintain quality of essential ecological and life support system such as air, land, water and plants etc.

Why should we care?

Each year around the world:

  • 3 million people die prematurely from waterborne diseases
  • About 400,000 children under 5 die from diarrhea in India alone
  • Around 1.6 million people die from exposure to cooking stove smoke inside their homes. About half of these deaths occur in India and China. Most victims are children and women from poor rural families who lack access to safe water, sanitation and modern household fuels
  • A million people die from malaria, mostly in Sub-Saharan African countriesenvironment (1)
  • A million people die from urban air pollution
  • Respiratory infections, diarrhea and malaria account for more than 20% of deaths in developing countries, according to the World Health Organization’s Burden of Disease report.

Pollution has greater consequences:

  • Fisheries are destroyed
  • Crops are damaged
  • Production costs rise for industries that must filter dirty air or water to maintain product quality

Extreme weather events (tornados, floods, hurricanes) are occurring more frequently and affecting more people than ever before. Poor people are the most vulnerable to environmental hazards.

As people move to cities from rural areas, environmental problems will increase. Rapid urbanization — cities growing as people move from the countryside in search of better jobs and living conditions — often increases the burden for poor people living in slums.


About Ramchandra

Hello! I am Ramchandra Acharya. I am veterinary student at institute of agriculture and animal science(IAAS) Rampur,chitwan. Currently i am the member of Nepal Veterinary Students Association. My favorite subject are immunology ,pharmacology,pathology. I also enjoy the clinical aspect of veterinary medicine and discussion of subject related matter with peers. Apart from this i love blogging ,making new friends and sharing knowledge.

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  1. Kalpana Subedi

    Wow,,,great post ,,,this kind of information definitely helps to spread awareness ..

  2. Thank you kalpana…..Environmental awareness is most in these days.. ..

  3. A good question – that a lot more people need to ask.

  4. i am glad to see you here.thanks for visiting.:)

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