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Status of Birds in Nepal

Nepal has a sharp climatic variation from subtropical to alpine within the short span of less than 200km (from north to south). The altitude varies from about 60m above the sea level in the south lowland to 8.848m in the north. Nepal is rich in biodiversity. The country possesses a high biodiversity considering its size.

So far, 867 species of birds have been recorded in Nepal, which are about 8% of the total bird species found worldwide. A total of 35 globally threatened species, 19 near threatened species and 15 restricted-range species are recorded in Nepal. Spiny Babbler Turdoides nipalensis is the only endemic bird of Nepal known so far. Nine species of birds are listed under the protected species by Government of Nepal.

As many as 130 breeding and wintering species (15% of Nepal’s birds) are now considered nationally threatened. Habitat loss is the major threat to 86% of the birds at risk. Hunting, illegal trade and poisoning are other threats to birds in Nepal.

Birds are feathered bipeds. They belong to class Aves and subphylum Vertebrata. The most distinguishing character of birds is the possession of feathers and the forelimbs modified into wings. Birds descended 140 million years ago from the reptilian stock similar to that which produced dinosaurs, a bird-like creature, called Archaeopteryx. Read the rest of this entry

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