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Environment :How do you define it?


                                                                                                          CLIMATE CHANGE

global-warming-planet-on-fire-2I always thank the god (nature) for providing us such an incredible life. Without her we cannot even think about our existence .She provides resources with free of cost to fulfil the needs and desire of all living beings, but we human, have polluted environment day by day. We are destroying our habitat creating negative results and not aware of this. In the near future , our new generation is going to face devastating consequences which we are now generating.

Now this is the right time (starting good things is always good), we can correct our mistakes and yield greener future.

What you did on June 5 “Environment day”???

On this particular day, I planted Neem (medicinal plant) in my yard. This is my steps towards the environmental conservation and action for a greener future.

“Think green act green” , I am much influenced by this phrase these days. So  I have been involving myself in various environmental programs and have been getting knowledge about different environmental issues like carbon footprint, climate change, global warming and so on

Talking about big things, giving a good speech to remark  such kind of days does not give good result. So involve yourselves and do whatever small steps you can do for the environmental protection.shutterstock_1228015691

Today climate change is the alarming issue, which has given various  negative impact on living creatures. The temperature of the world is increasing day by day due to global warming creating unsuitable habitat for living creatures. Some of the animal and plant had been already extinct and others are in threat of extinction.

Why now?

  •  Climate change is altering key habitat elements that are critical for wildlife’s survival.
  •  Melting arctic ice removes hunting ground for polar bears. Read the rest of this entry