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Beneficial aspect of social media depends on how well you use it. Social media today  has been extensively using  everywhere and it is successful in keeping the imprints in the peoples mind. From the social perspectives  and business views social media are the greatest tool for sharing information.

Today most of the people all around the world use social networking sites Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin , Skype etc, and their uses are increasing  day by day. one of the major cause of this may be due to their easy access and availability of networks or development of a portable device. However this increasing trend leads to great problems like criminal act, taking other information and using it for notorious act. I have seen that many unnecessary  dirty pages are there in Facebook which distract many people. Recently I got a notification on my Facebook page and I got shocked that one my friend had been posting some dirty picture in the public page. I immediately did call and  I told all of this. But quite surprisingly , he told me that he was not doing all this. Immediately  he deleted the post. Actually he  got  a link from his friends and when he clicked a link then it automatically posted dirty things in the pages he liked. I am not the exception same thing happen to me.

Drugs and Facebook are synonymous these days. Excessive use of Facebook and doing only chat have been creating negative impact on the youth. All time hanging in the social networks also makes people lazy. youth is taking Facebook as a dating site. everytime they are busy in chatting  and posting some fun stuff even during class hours. mostly youth is victim of Facebook addiction .Most of the time they are using  Facebook but doing nothing other than posting of songs, poem, love status, uploading photogenic picture. total waste of time. I wonder when I see people staying on Facebook  2-4 hrs during their exam days , they are all crazy.

All the social media has pros and cons. if you use it correctly and wisely then social media becomes the tool for developing skills, knowledge, exposure to the outer world. In my early starting phase I used only yahoo . I came to know about Facebook from my friends. slowly  I started using  Skype, twitter, myspace, Linkedin. After getting training on social media I started blogging. Now it is becoming my hobby.