What I learned in social media training

Training (May 12 ,2013 A.D.) which was supported by youth action fund and organized by environment activist Mrs Kavita Gautam and Mr Jiban panthi had a aim to provide knowledge about social media and its wise application and bridge the gap between urban and rural youth via different social media such as blogs ,face book, linkedln, twitter etc.



Photo: Social Media Training IAAS Rampur Chitwan Participants.
(Photo Courtesy: Kavita Gautam)

I was much excited and happy when I got information about social media training through my colleague. As  notice had not been published, my colleague told me that we should give our email address to the organizer of the team so that we could get participate on it .Then after I immediately gave my email address and asked him about detail information of that program. As the full notice had not been published he was unable gave much about training, only information I got was venue and Date of the training.

On that particular day we had a microbiology presentation class in the same time. But we requested our microbiology teacher and immediately he gave us permission to attend the training.

When we reached at PG seminar hall, training was just begun to start. The Program was started exchanging participants name, institute of involvement, hobby, dislikes and their expectation from this training. Program was divided into mainly two parts one was introduction about different virtual world (social media) and another how to make a blog. Though there was problem in internet connection creating virtual WIFI, I personally learned many useful things from this training. Before this training I mainly used face book for chatting but now I learned how to use face book and other related social media wisely and informatively. “Social media which are the second life and Interactive platform for people of common interest are now basis of life. Though it has many advantages, it has disadvantages too. Misuse and abuse are the one of the major problem “said Mrs Kavita Gautam

Mean while, In the same session i learned how create blog. Mrs kavita gautam created blog of one the participants so that we could create blog later on. She explained us many steps that should be followed while making blog. Meanwhile she gave knowledge about Dashboard, themes, general settings, links etc. All these steps were solely based on word press but beside this she also explained blog spot.

According to instruction I had got in training ,I created blog. As I am a beginner  I had faced many challenging task. Continuous use of blog until midnight finally I shaped my blog.  Now I am constantly using it and got  more informed . I frequently visit other blogger website and get knowledge about what to write, how to write. Though I don’t have good skills, good English language  I frequently use word press since I created blog, hoping to improve .Now I have joined  face book group “ “Social Media for Bridging Urban and Rural Youth: IAAS, Rampur Chitwan”, and I am  hopeful to get constant support ,comments from admin and other member of this group.

At last I want to give big thanks to Mrs Kavita gautam and MrJiban panthi who shared their knowledge and help us in many task. Personally i found program wash much successful. This kind of training provides common platform for all beginners to expose into external world to share their feelings and to expose  their skills. Apart from this, it creates a beginning  for career opportunity.


About Ramchandra

Hello! I am Ramchandra Acharya. I am veterinary student at institute of agriculture and animal science(IAAS) Rampur,chitwan. Currently i am the member of Nepal Veterinary Students Association. My favorite subject are immunology ,pharmacology,pathology. I also enjoy the clinical aspect of veterinary medicine and discussion of subject related matter with peers. Apart from this i love blogging ,making new friends and sharing knowledge.

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  1. Ramchandra, It felt good that you started posting blog posts. But you should be careful that your words or sentences must not resembles with someone else. And never forget to acknowledge if someone/something helped you while writing your words or completing your works. Do well. Good luck.:)

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